Website and Blog Design

Before we left on our trip, some face lifting was performed at my studio, HanaMele.  Brian on his winter break helped by removing an old chimney,  mudding, sanding and priming the space and finishing a ceiling.  In addition, he was clearly the motivating factor of pulling out stored “stuff” and helping me to look at and clear out unused art supplies, dishes, etc. to make new space.  Another friend came and refinished the two main floors, with Brian finishing the topcoat, which has helped to really brighten up the space!  Before I new it, it was time to go.  Let’s just say, not everything has found a place or has been evicted from Part 1 of the Big Overhaul!

This morning I entered the studio, cleaned off a table, folded it up, gathered garbage, took it out, straightened a few areas and then sat down to work on my website and blog.  Working on these two items gave me many challenges to face, the primary challenge is my resistance of sitting down in front of the computer and simply getting to work!  But you know what?  It really isn’t as frustrating as I thought, I just have to remind myself that I am once again a new student and a little patience is required.

Thanks to Catherine and Brian who gave me the gift of a website in 2006, I was able to retrieve my notes and get back to work on it.  Updates will be the major challenge for me with all this technology.  I’m pleased I was able to edit my biography but will count on Luke’s help tomorrow with creating a link for this  blog.

I used much of the day creating a new header the blog; having written that, I look at what I did accomplish and think, “what really took me so long?”  It actually is simply another design project.   The goal is to maintain the design continuity of my website.  I’m tweaking the art and font to make it work!  Isn’t that just how life goes?  We like the idea of maintaining similar looks and feelings, yet we crave to have the newness; I suppose that’s where the growing comes in to play!