Tea for Two or More? Apparently, so!

Florence's Prayer Flags

I love drinking tea!  I enjoy seeing the variety of designs of the tea bags, how they’re packaged, and the little tags on the end of the string!  It came to me the other night while having tea, how the little tags looked just like the perfect size for Prayer Flags for the Fairy House.  The tea drinking began as did the collecting!

No!  I didn’t drink all the tea in one night, but I did have fun collecting the tags.  I colored each tag with my colored pencils and then glued each one onto a cord.  One brand even has mini sayings on the backside, which makes them even more delightful to look at!  They definitely give the effect I want.  After all, being a spiritual fairy in her own right, it is fitting for Miss Florence to have the Tea Tag Prayer Flags!