Story of the Dress Part V – Crunchtime!

Short of one month before the wedding and the dress is progressing along!!  The bodice returned from the cleaners without a trace of the sewing machine black grease! Whew!  After working to get more stains out of the skirt, I discovered I created new unattractive watermarks.   Next step, take  the skirt part to the cleaners to have the watermarks taken out!

It’s interesting how something bad, like a grease stain and watermarks, can actually turn into something quite wonderful!  After picking up both sections at two separate times, each part returned pressed and looking much better than when I left it!

I sewed the skirt on without an issue and even the invisible zipper went in quite smoothly!

Catherine and John came back up north this past weekend.  She tried on the dress and about an inch was taken in on each side.  Catherine put on the dress again, and she looked beautiful.  The beading was taking shape and the bodice, now, was a perfect fit!  I worked another couple of hours on gathering and sewing netting for the skirt underlining.  Catherine walked into the sewing room and said, “Look at all this poofiness!”  Poofiness indeed!  It was time again for another try-on of the dress, this time with the gathered netting sandwiched between the two underlinings.

Amazing, simply amazing!  Standing before me, looking at herself in a mirror was my beautiful daughter, glowing.  The underskirting gave more shape to the dress and support to the train.  Words cannot fully express all the emotion that came to my mind.  It was a dream come true.  I proceeded to have her turn with her back toward me as I began to plan out how the train would “bustle up” for the reception.  The pinned up train just added one more beautiful dimension of folds and highlights to the dress.  The beading, hemming, and sewing on hooks are the only items left to do and those will keep me very busy until the wedding.

I think of our matriarchal line and how important those family connections are.  I have such gratitude for my mother who took the time to teach me how to sew.   Thanks, Mom!