The Feminine Rising at ArtPrize!




There is nothing like completing a big goal and on Sunday I completed a very big goal!  Russ and I set up my ArtPrize entry at the Huntington Bank, 50 Monroe, Grand Rapids,  MI.  This is the second year of ArtPrize, my first year of entering, and it is thoroughly amazing all the artwork that is in Grand Rapids!  Indoors and out!
You’ll find my sculpture,  The Feminine Rising on the second floor across from a teahouse!  If you are at ArtPrize, you can vote for my entry by entering the # 48201.  It is recommended to pre-regiister online at the ArtPrize website to avoid a very long line. This year, over 1700 artists from 44 states and 21 countries are participating.  For more info check out

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2 Responses to The Feminine Rising at ArtPrize!

  1. Sue Huotari says:

    Love her Joan!!!! Will she be joining us later? I would love to see her in person.

  2. admin says:

    So glad you enjoy her! Currently, the Feminine Rising is at a Curves in Grand Rapids where I will be giving a talk in December about Aspects of the Feminine Rising. I am not sure where she will be traveling from there.

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