Fresh Energy and Green Theme

The Fairy House is coming along!  After setting it aside for several months, it was great to pull it out and look at it with fresh energy.  Today I applied polyurethane  and adding oak leaves to the floor and some feathery seed pods to one wall.  I’ve decided the house will include a small loft for the bed, as well as a small “ladder”.

Fairies can be attracted to shimmery, shiny objects so I do have my sites out for a small mirror or reflective material!  Acorns suspended from the ceiling will be the lights and a small Capiz shell might hang from under the loft.  A small picture of an angel will go on the wall with a bit of a map and a small feather in my collections which will be placed by the angel picture..  This afternoon I tea dyed a map of our area which I tore for select areas throughout the house.

In addition to many natural materials, I will be using green tones of ribbon, bottle caps and whatever else I can find to add a bit of color!

Enjoy your evening and if you’re up North like me, stay warm!