Connections – Ancient and Contemporary

Hello Readers!

How quickly time can fly!  My apologies to you for not staying up to date with this blog!

Two years ago in May about 14 or so artists, including myself, decided to begin an art gallery called Art Works .  We’ve gone through many growing pains, but still are going strong!  This arena gives us the opportunity to grow in our art and business skills.

Last week, I worked at Art Works and had a splendid time firming up Miss Florence’s (the fairy, you know) loft with softness and beauty.  A beautiful creamy, tufted satin mattress and a hand crocheted coverlet  is almost finished.  Silly me forgot how long it can take to crochet with a size 11 hook!   Green crocheted edging  will soon circle around the coverlet.   I once prided myself on creating very detailed pieces of artwork.  Call it being in my 40’s and dealing with changing eyes, or shifting my patience to other parts of my life, I now find working in this minute fashion to be a challenge, but I love the results!  Florence Fern’s loft  is giving me the space and time, to step back and reflect at the current age/stage I am entering, touching to some of the simpler things of nature combined with beauty and the mystery of life.

While talking with a friend this morning we discussed the aging of a woman’s body.  In ancient societies, honor and respect were acknowledged givens for an aging woman. It was her time of sharing wisdom and life experience, which included her intuitive approach of looking and being in the world.

This third stage of being a woman, is sometimes viewed as an archetype of the wise woman crone.  Society has been viewing the term “crone”  in a negative way but that is changing!   Contemporary women are waking up and finding this is a time of “crowning” into this stage of life, a period to begin acknowledging one’s own inner wisdom and looking at truth.  Tomorrow I’ll share with you a synchronicity!