Tomorrow – Does it Ever Come?

If anyone is reading this, you may have noticed, tomorrow never came.  Today I’ll share a synchronicity with you as a follow-up from Monday.  This past summer, I got the notion of wanting a crown.  No apparent reason, I just wanted it and began my search.  About 2 months ago, I found it at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Seeing it, some would not believe it really was a crown, but I knew better.

What I found was a brass? rim from around a light fixture.  Turned upside down, it was the perfect crown!  After taking closer looks at my current age/stage, I realize my sub-conscience, or some may say the universe, was giving me a heads up (ok, that pun may have been intended) of the times ahead.  I actually find it quite humorous that my crown actually came from a fixture that helped produce light.  Another synchronicity!

Life really can be quite obvious when we have are eyes open and look!

An update in my art world …

Today I made new business cards with my new computer set up.  Things did not go as smoothly as I’d hope, but I do have some wonderful looking results.  In addition, I also made a new banner for my card rack and began more experimenting with move-able cards/bookmarks.  Just can’t seem to bring my eyesight to working with the tiny beading on Florence’s tablecloth.  There is time for that!