After a wonderful time of getting away and refreshing the mind, body and soul, I’m back in the studio ready to begin new creations.  Thanks to our trusty technology helper (TTH), Luke, I’m navigating my way through another technology hurdle, forcing my brain cells to fire rapidly and begin making new connections.  If nothing else, this should be helping me to build a new platform of neurons for my old age!  I’ve found putting myself into new situations for learning (like this blog), helps me to have and create fresh new energy, and least we not forget, it also makes life exciting.   Let’s just intend, this is exciting in a very good way!

During our recent explorations I saw wonderful works of art ranging from contemporary art at the Denver Art Museum, touristy art in Breckenridge, working artist studios in Portland, master works of art at the Getty Center and breathtaking architecture, gardens and ancient sculptures at the Getty Villa.  I loved seeing how artists (from all time periods) incorporated their daily living into their art work.

I saw for the first time at the Portland Art Museum an original Van Gogh painting that the museum had recently acquired.  The docent told us it really hadn’t been seen before because it had been hanging above a fireplace for the past 60 years in a home outside of Portland!  Years of soot were removed to discover not only another bird in the painting, but also finger smudges by Vincent!  The thickly applied trenches of paint in the leg of the ox showed his trademark strokes.  Just as his daily living garnered in sites of the natural world around him, I look at my daily living.  What do I absorb from my daily surroundings that meshes with all that energy within me?  As the days progress I’ll keep you informed of the results!

If you have time, visit my website by clicking on the image of En l’air to the right. You’ll see a glimpse of what goes on in my world! En l’air was created a few years ago with a mixture of gesso, crayon, mat medium and water color on watercolor paper.  I enjoyed creating this painting because of the lightness I felt while creating it.  She always reminded me of the feeling one gets of jubilation when being at a celebration! 

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2 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Susan Dowty says:

    Your blog is just wonderful! I enjoyed readig it. I would love to blog but I seriously don’t think I would spend much time at it. I’m always doing something.

    I was wondering if you have any idea where I could find a picture of two pears. I have to have a photo to paint from. I once saw a painting at a store in CA and I loved it. The two pares reminded me of a couple, one was sitting upright and the other was leaning in, too cute.

    When I read of your tea creation I thought I would try it, sounds healthy. I recently discovered a tea called Matcha. It is delicious and very good for you.

    What a streak of luck I had meeting you in Las Vegas. I enjoyed our short visit. You have a new admirer.


  2. Joan Game says:

    Hi Susan!
    We got back from Hawaii on Friday and today I think I’ve finally recovered from the jet lag! So sorry it took this long to respond back to you.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog, I guess it’s time to enter new posts!

    Regarding your pictures of pears, I’d suggest you take your camera or cell phone (if it has camera capabilities) to the grocery store or farmer’s market and start shooting some photos. That way you can arrange them anyway you want! And you have a great selection of kinds to choose from, too. It probably wouldn’t hurt to tell the produce person what you’re up to, and then buy a couple pears when you’re done. If you go to the store at a slow time, then you probably won’t feel as self-conscious. If people ask, just smile and say, “I’m an artist and I’m taking some resource photos.”

    Your phone message sounded like you’re trying the blog – very cool and exciting! Go ahead and email me back with questions and I’ll try to share what I know. I also suggest you track down a teen or early 20-something computer minded relative or friend, because they can be extremely helpful!

    Started more bead work on Catherine’s dress and it’s looking pretty awesome!

    It was a pleasure meeting you, too, Susan, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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