Mail Art entry 1

On Facebook, I saw the call for entries for Mail Art, from Two Hands Paperie in Boulder.  Here is a link to their blog which gives all the details:

Here is my first entry:

Mail Art entry 1
Mail Art entry 1

I began this image by addressing the envelope and forming the shape and two hands around it.  I added my return address and two footprints (seemed like the thing to do) and created arms and body to go with the hands.  Different values of patterns were added to the background to create more visual interest.

Feng Shui and Return from Traveling?!

While Russ and I were at Border’s in Hilo listening to Hawaiian music, a week or so ago, I also came across the Feng Shui book section!  Following my desire to learn more about Feng Shui and loving the clean lines and beauty of Eastern design, I settled on one small, lightweight book, easy for traveling.  The title of the book – The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Feung Shui; written easily enough to get a general understanding of the topic.

It was difficult to put this book down, but I managed to pack it into my carry on bag.  On the flights, I devoured my new found source of knowledge.  All I could think about was returning home and rearranging the furniture in our living room!  Friday evening we arrived home, ate dinner and went to bed.  Saturday I woke after sleeping late had a great day and even stayed up til midnight!  Everything seemed fine, until now when I look back and realize staying up late was not a good idea when factoring in jet lag, time zone changes and a time change for this body to get re-accustomed.

Seven in the morning I woke bright-eyed!  No time like the present!  Those two factors alone should have given me reason to pause and crawl back into bed;  it didn’t hit I didn’t have my minimum daily requirement of rest, never mind the jet lag, never mind the time change – I WAS AWAKE!!!  I looked over at my poor blurried eyed husband who said “You’re getting up at 7am and moving furniture?”

“Yep!” and I bounded out of bed.

At 8 am, Russell came down the steps. “Wow,” he said looking at mid-upheaval of the living room.

“This is what I’m thinking …” I said, as I asked for help in moving my grandmother’s hardware cabinet.  More shifting took place and it was finally time for breakfast at 11:30 am!  A little late and my frustration in not quite having the right pieces of furniture was building.

“I just can’t find the right things!”  1:30 pm came before I knew it.  “Time for lunch”, I wearily said.

“Weren’t you going to take a nap today?” Russell asked in the sweetest way.

“Yes, but let’s finish watching that little bit of movie, then I’ll lay down.”

One hour later, I dragged my beyond tire, frustrated, exhausted, jet-lagged, non-feng shuied worn out body and mind up to bed, thinking, surely rest would do me wonders. Wrong.  I woke 2 1/2 hours later grumpy, irritated and more grouchy than traveling home.  The rest of the evening was not good and sleep came slowly.

I awoke late on Monday morning to find my grandmother’s cabinet had somehow managed to shrink into the space, or it was perception that had changed!  I still haven’t found/discovered the ideal accessories, but I’m working on it.

My advice:  feng shui your home only when your body, mind and soul are in their own place of feng shui-ness, to maintain your own sense of sanity!