About Game 4 Art!

Game 4 Art, the title of my blog, is pretty straightforward:  my last name is Game and I am an artist using all that I can to create my art!

I choose to use the number 4 to symbolize items like the seasons:  spring, summer, fall and winter; the elements:  wind, earth, fire and water; the cardinal points:  North, South, East and West; and the 4 dimensions: the first – a line, second – a plane, third – a cube, and fourth – time!  Many of these can help to ground a person, creating stability from which to move.    When looking closely, you may find direct and indirect correlations to some of those items in my artwork.

I do enjoy the Mystery and Wonder of life and I am well aware of the irony of Game being my last name!  Looking quite clearly, life is a game with way too many analogies to go into detail here.   Reading about religions, spirituality, other artists and quantum physics, I find rather intriguing; I may not understand all of it, but those topics do help to form the journey we each are on!  I look at it as viewing life as we know it from all, and I do mean all, that has gone on before us;  the traditions and cultures we create form our world as we know it.  We really have a wealth of experience to draw from, why not use it?

As an artist,  whether I’m working in or out of my studio, Hana Mele, I find I do draw (was the pun really intended – twice!?) from so many aspects of our world to create a multitude of enjoyment, or a little something to provoke a little bit of thinking.

As much as I’ve pushed against using technology, it really is an extremely useful tool, hence I create this blog to learn.  I received a wonderful quote through email yesterday, “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  Eric Hoffer   .. I add, apply that learning! Use it!

May you enjoy your journey as I do mine!