Before I begin … my website is currently under construction.  You may find my artwork website by pasting into the search line!  Sorry for the inconvenience, but when construction is done, you will have an  easier time staying up-to-date with my blog and artwork.  You’ll also be able to easily order my art through PayPal!

After a meeting last night, Russ and I met up with Brian at the art studio. We completed painting the walls in the front room while Brian worked on installing trim. It’s exciting to see it all coming together after such a long time.

From old carpet ripped off the floor, the ceiling replaced, a window replaced, the floor refinished, and cove moulding installed, to now an almost completed room, the front room of the studio is re-birthing into a haven of new possibilities, full of potentiality! As the overhaul nears completion, I find a part of myself going through an internal overhaul, too.  I wonder what potentialities and possibilities I’ll help to bring about within as I adjust and replace my internal thought structures.  I’ll keep you posted!