Creativity on the Go


Oh, what to pack?!  A common thought that goes through many minds when getting ready for an adventure.  Throw a creative thought in the mix, and suddenly the packing list can grow at an exponential rate, with visions of being detained by security for having too many tubes of paint over the allowed 3 ounces.  Palette knives, blunt scissors and varying brushes become lethal weapons in an overactive imagination, especially as I work to condense everything for the trip into my allotted government sanctioned carry-on and one personal bag.
The packing ordeal quickly becomes a personal growth project of how can I live without this for one week. Surprisingly well,  I’ve discovered!  If only I had read the Clutter Busting book friends shared before we departed for the airport!
I find my smart phone to be extremely invaluable to capture those must have photos of overgrown lime green Crocs and one more image of a gotta have chocolate dessert.  In addition, I pack two Micron archival ink pens and two realistic for me, sizes of sketchbooks: an approximate 6″ x 6″ for larger flashes of inspiration and 2 1/2″ x 3″ elastic closure pocket sketchbook for my purse or pocket to write little notes or capture small images on the run.  I find the latter helps to curtail the wafting torn sheets of paper and napkins with the “can’t go on without it” notes and images that can accumulate in my close to overstuffed bags.
As I pare down my belongings,  I discover there is much I really can live without and it makes my journeying much lighter.  This compression of supplies,  time and space makes for a larger ease in moving; literally, I carry less baggage.