The Seen World of the Unseen

As I continue to bring my studio up to speed with a semblance of order and with technology, I find it can be quite difficult to stop and make the time to work on my artwork.  I feel I’m not the only one facing distractions.

I focused on updating technology the past three days and I currently find myself going through growing pains between my computers and myself.  Each day I visit the Fairy House Workshop, the current collection of miscellaneous material on a table and work a little each day on the interior.

A trimmed down lovely gold box from Big Island Candies is the supporting structure for the loft area, with a nameplate on the side, made from part of the tea stained map, stating “Florence Fern”.  Florence is obviously the resident of this home!

Her high table is formed from a large wooden spool with a ridged top from a tin can.  I still toy with ideas for items on the table … a cloth, dishes?  A portrait is almost finished, created from part of an old Christmas card mounted to an oval of green felted plastic.  Around the image are small brass stars.  While putting  the stars in place, her  looking up image led to another idea of placing a constellation on the wall to where she  is looking.

A Capiz shell and acorns now have gold cords on them from which to hang from the ceiling.  Perhaps as I put order in Florence’s place, more order will come to mine.  One idea bounds into the next!