Mail Art entry 5!

Mail Art entry 5a for blog

Inspired by the lovely “Love” stamp in script, red became the dominate color for this entry.  After placing on the stamp, I began to address the envelope working to create flowing letters similar to the stamp, followed by the return address and the lovely lady.  Next, I applied the bold red acrylic close to the stamp and allowing breathing room around the other elements on the front.  After it dried, I then touched up areas with a red Prisma color pencil and more black ink to create a border around the addresses and woman.

Mail Art entry 5b for blog

After all that strong red, the back was looking very white!  Out came the bold red acrylic!  This time I used a looser stroke to create hearts and flowing lines and then applied a red glitter paint to give it a little sparkle!  Black ink set apart the red from white and the words MAIL ART were added last.

The white lunch bag always reminds me of Valentine’s Day from school.  What memories does it bring about for you?