Bee Cause Debuts at ArtPrize7

Bee Cause on display!

I am so happy to report Bee Cause is on display at Fifth Third Bank/Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, just inside the revolving doors of the building at Monroe and Lyon, in Grand Rapids, MI.

Removing traveling materials

Bee Cause came into conception back in the spring while we were in Colorado. In thinking about a piece of artwork for ArtPrize, many things go into consideration.

Russell helping with the installation

How can I keep the concept small, yet encourage larger thought by the viewer? How lightweight can I make it?  Will it be easy to transport sizewise, otherwise known as “will it fit into out Prius with all our luggage”?  What will I need to help with the install?  Can the size expand to make more of a visual impact?  What kind of a venue/space am I looking for? How tall are the ceilings?  How much exposure will it receive?  What will the lighting be like? Will the people be easy to work with? How can I keep costs low?

Stay in touch as I delve into the creation of Bee Cause in future posts.