Still Playing with the Cat!

I grew up on a farm and we had lots of cats all around us!  Those images from younger days still permeate my brain.

While reorganizing my art studio, I came across a box of brass plated fasteners and thought back to elementary school with all the wonderful projects we made!  The thought occurred to me, “Why not combine the machine stitching of collage items with moving parts!?”  And so the gold cat began to form.

I like to think of this project as a result of spring boarding from the stitched bookmark;  I use similar technique, but add moving parts.

I began with a pattern I designed using a manila folder for the base.  Next, I cut out pages from old paperback novels and sewed those to the pieces but first inserting the brass fasteners into three places on the main body: 1 in the belly button area to hold upside-down u-shaped legs and two in the upper bust area to hold each arm.  After sewing the pages on, I applied a diluted mix of white acrylic paint and mat medium, with touches of metallic gold in furry areas.  Pulling out gold ribbon with wire, I fashioned a skirt and top which I sewed onto the main body.  Using a black art marker, I drew in other furry details, face and paws.  Finally, I attached the arms, legs and tail to come up with this result!