Mail Art entry 12!

Cut, sew, draw and repeat …

Mail Art entry 12a

Stage 1 of front:  I sewed the little orange ribbon on, the little butterfly cut-out, and then drew the rest with the addresses and stamp.  Still seemed ho-hum …

Mail Art entry 12b

For the flip side I cut out tulips from a rectangle piece of paper and then tore around it.  I sewed the tulip silhouettes, ribbons, and the cardboard cut-out onto the back. After stitching it onto the backside of another sheet cardboard, I scribbled into some of the border with the blue ink pen and added a request to Spring … still not pleased.

Mail Art entry 12c

Thinking a few raindrops might help, I added those, but still not enough …

Mail Art entry 12e

… I decided to darker the one set of scribbles in the border and add a second set.  The looseness of the line gives a “stitched” look to it.  Back to the front …

Mail Art entry 12f

… more color was added with marker and some Prismacolor to help give it a little more  brightness.

Off it went … with added postage.


It’s ArtPrize 2012!

I’ve just returned to the Upper Peninsula after setting up “Recipes for Legacies”, an installation my daughter Catherine and I collaborated on for this year’s ArtPrize.

For this project, we combined two of our interests, the environment and women’s history, to create this project. We chose 9 women and honored each with a recipe card, listing their “ingredients” and their “legacy”, and a sphere made out of wire with paper cut-outs of their ingredients. Two LEDs hang in the middle of each sphere to shine light.  Using scissors (no die punches here!), Catherine and I cut out 1,373 images to create the 9 spheres!  By first taking the casing off of the wire (donated by CCI Systems of Iron Mountain, MI), we hand bent each piece to create the spheres .  Thank you, CCI Systems for the wire!

This past Saturday, we installed our art at Purple East on Ionia Street in Grand Rapids. A very big thank you to the owner, Kelly, for all of her support at Purple East!

Catherine and I were very pleased with the result!  As we looked at each sphere with each recipe card, it really showed what a difference each person can make in the world.