NoBo First Friday Show

Tweet tweet!
Twitter? No.
Bluebirds? Yes!
Spring is right around the corner and my mind goes to spring! The thought of warm breezes and the sounds of birds chirping away!

In preparation for the NoBo First Friday Show tomorrow night, I’ve been working away on various forms of 2 and 3 dimensional collage.  Three bluebird canvases will be there with acrylic, ink, fabric, paper and embroidery! Here are a couple detail photos …

leaf detail
leaf detail
bluebird detail
bluebird detail

In addition, I’ve met a clothing designer named Melissa Bell who has generously given me  scraps of her  fabric!  From those, I’m making collage animals by combining her fabrics with mine and adding embroidery.  Each animal is from my original design.

Melissa holding some of my animals - some are complete, some are in process.
Melissa holding some of my animals – some are complete, some are in process.

Here is a link to the NoBo Show information:


Mail Art entry 13!

Mail art entry 13a

What can I say? Sun was pouring through my Southern exposure drawing room window as the ideas fluttered about like the butterfly on the stamp.  I really like how this one turned out!

Mail art entry 13b

The back of this postcard is fun to trace the stitching tracks!

If you haven’t checked out where all these pieces of mail have gone, go to Two Hands Paperie’s Facebook page:

Cast your vote for Soulfood to win a Peoples Choice Award!

Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to announce one of my pieces of artwork is showing in an online exhibition for the Artist Table titled “Let’s Get Acquainted!”   I’m very excited about this because Soulfood (pictured above) is one of my favorite pieces of artwork.

Click on the link below to see Soulfood.  Once you have it enlarged, in the bottom left corner is a small Google + button. Click on that button to cast your vote for my piece titled, “Soulfood” to receive the People’s Choice Award! I would really appreciate your vote! This piece of artwork measures approximately 4′ x 4′! ♥

Thank you for voting and feel free to share this post with your friends so they can vote, too!

Recipes for Legacies Now at Bay College West!


It is so much fun having this installation at Bay West. The ventilation system is blowing varying currents of air on each of the spheres, making each rotate at different speeds.
Thank you to Russell for his ladder climbing and line tying help, as well as Shelly’s, Jeff’s and Rick’s input.
The spheres will be on display for approximately two months, so if you get a chance stop by and take a look! Thanks to Vicky’s idea of making a booklet, new booklets are ready for viewers to help guide them around the installation.


Recipes for Legacies at the Dickinson County Library!

Hello all! I’m very excited to let you know that the installation Catherine and I made for ArtPrize 2012 is on display at the Dickinson County Library in Iron Mountain. Thanks to Vicki the librarian, viewers can pick up a booklet to carry along to help interpret each sphere. It will be at the library until the 17th or 18th of January; from there, it will travel to Bay College West at the North End of Iron Mountain, where it will be on display for about a week.

Join us in celebrating nine women who changed the course of our planet through their environmental leadership.

Each woman and her impact are visually represented through a three dimensional wire globe with paper cut-outs symbolizing key points in her life.  Explore the “recipe cards” for more information on the ingredients of each woman’s legacy.

These heroines include Rachel Carson, Vandana Shiva, Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai, Lois Marie Gibbs, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, Dai Qing, Marina Silva, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

It’s ArtPrize 2012!

I’ve just returned to the Upper Peninsula after setting up “Recipes for Legacies”, an installation my daughter Catherine and I collaborated on for this year’s ArtPrize.

For this project, we combined two of our interests, the environment and women’s history, to create this project. We chose 9 women and honored each with a recipe card, listing their “ingredients” and their “legacy”, and a sphere made out of wire with paper cut-outs of their ingredients. Two LEDs hang in the middle of each sphere to shine light.  Using scissors (no die punches here!), Catherine and I cut out 1,373 images to create the 9 spheres!  By first taking the casing off of the wire (donated by CCI Systems of Iron Mountain, MI), we hand bent each piece to create the spheres .  Thank you, CCI Systems for the wire!

This past Saturday, we installed our art at Purple East on Ionia Street in Grand Rapids. A very big thank you to the owner, Kelly, for all of her support at Purple East!

Catherine and I were very pleased with the result!  As we looked at each sphere with each recipe card, it really showed what a difference each person can make in the world.