Expanding Art on the Net

Last fall, my friend Toni and I helped each other to make Etsy shops.  My Etsy shop can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HanaMeleArt.

My Etsy Shop!

I’m very excited to have this shop as it is one more way to have my work available to the public.  Bluebirds of Happiness are the latest creations I’ve been working on at the Farmers Market and what doesn’t sell at the market will be available at my Etsy shop.

- created at the Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisians Market at Art on the Spot
– created at the Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisians Market at Art on the Spot


Mail Art entry 13!

Mail art entry 13a

What can I say? Sun was pouring through my Southern exposure drawing room window as the ideas fluttered about like the butterfly on the stamp.  I really like how this one turned out!

Mail art entry 13b

The back of this postcard is fun to trace the stitching tracks!

If you haven’t checked out where all these pieces of mail have gone, go to Two Hands Paperie’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Hands-Paperie/282051646297?ref=ts&fref=ts

Mail Art entry 12!

Cut, sew, draw and repeat …

Mail Art entry 12a

Stage 1 of front:  I sewed the little orange ribbon on, the little butterfly cut-out, and then drew the rest with the addresses and stamp.  Still seemed ho-hum …

Mail Art entry 12b

For the flip side I cut out tulips from a rectangle piece of paper and then tore around it.  I sewed the tulip silhouettes, ribbons, and the cardboard cut-out onto the back. After stitching it onto the backside of another sheet cardboard, I scribbled into some of the border with the blue ink pen and added a request to Spring … still not pleased.

Mail Art entry 12c

Thinking a few raindrops might help, I added those, but still not enough …

Mail Art entry 12e

… I decided to darker the one set of scribbles in the border and add a second set.  The looseness of the line gives a “stitched” look to it.  Back to the front …

Mail Art entry 12f

… more color was added with marker and some Prismacolor to help give it a little more  brightness.

Off it went … with added postage.


Mail Art entry 11!

mail art 11a copy

Inspiration once again came from the stamp and wanting to play with black and white gouache .  For this piece, I began with a piece of cardboard from a sheet set that had printing on one side and blank white on the other.

mail art 11c

Knowing the paint would not want to adhere very well, I sanded the blank side with some fine sand paper. After addressing and stamping the cardboard, I set it to the side and cut a smaller piece of card stock that fit inside a printed border on the back side of the cardboard.  From a recently acquired package of miscellaneous papers, etc., I pulled out a solid teal piece and a playing card.  I sewed the teal paper in the middle and cut the card at an angle. Placing the card in strategic locations, I sewed those into place.  Next, I added a piece of red ribbon.  Finally, I sewed the new “sewed” card onto the back of the cardboard.

Knowing the paint would not want to adhere very well to the slick cardboard from the sheet, I sanded the blank side with some fine grade sand paper. The gouache stayed onto the card beautifully.

Once I finished the front and let it dry, I flipped it over, looked at that 3 of hearts and began to reminisce about all those Canasta games. That playing card brought back many memories of playing canasta with my family. Being allowed to play Canasta with the adults was truly a right of passage.  Numerous Sunday afternoons were spent playing cards with my family and visiting with cousins, aunts and uncles.  My Aunt Agnes always placed bowls of chips and chocolates onto the table only to be washed down by soda pop.  Strategy, stories, and laughter often ensued.  Enough reminiscing for now, back to the project …

mail art 11b

Originally, I thought I would draw or paint some silhouettes of figures (like those the stamp) onto the sewn back side of the card, but it seemed only right to add the Williams Rule book and a few thoughts.

Music, Gold, Finery and Queens

As the weather gets cooler, I find my body wants to stay inside to work, while my mind continues to think of all the many things to work on in our new garden/yard/park area.  It’s been a very full summer and at times, hard to believe fall is definitely here.  But today’s snowflakes grazing my face quickly reminds me winter will soon be here.

On the cooler days when I stayed indoors, I found the desire to create art pieces with three dimensional objects, in a two dimensional format.  Spurned on by my commitment to have three pieces completed for an Artworks and Friends show at the Bonifas Fine Art Center in Escanaba, I decided these would be wonderful, if they turned out.

I shopped around at the local thrift stores and dug into various “supply” boxes to find many of the treasures to compose my pieces.  The hunt for the right items carried many surprises as one item tied in so lovely with another.  One of the biggest delights occurred after placing the Victoria picture in the heart shaped frame and finding the sheet music titled, “Vittoria Mio Core!” – Victorious, My Heart!  The feather, mask, gold chain and rhinestones just fit with Marie, as did the small old lock front.  That reminded me of her time spent in prison before her execution.  “Looking Up” is a reminder to look ahead at what may occur in a life.  For Princess Katherine of France, she later married Henry V and became queen.

In addition to all my treasures, I found a delightful site called The Graphics Fairy where Karen has a multitude of many images to be used! Here is a link to her site:  http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/

On that site, I found three wonderful images of two queens (Victoria and Marie) and one Princess Katherine, to create my compositions.

In addition to many things gold and shiny, and sometimes not so shiny, I included parts of sheet music, feathers, rhinestones and ribbons.

Here are the completed assemblages:

“Looking Up” features Princess Katherine


and “Victoria”

These three pieces are currently hanging at the Bonifas Fine Art Center in Escanaba until Dec. 18th.  If you get a chance, stop by and also see their Northern Exposure show!

It’s Beginning to Look …

Family Fun Ornaments

Many times we can feel bombarded by all the “stuff” that comes about during the holidays. Listen to Christmas music! Create a holiday feast! Buy this! No… buy that! Buy everything!! Make this! Make that! Bake cookies!! Make the perfect Christmas!
Then the crash/breakdown can occur when reality hits, and we find we have 24 hours in a day, a certain amount of time, a certain amount of energy, and a certain amount of anything.

As a way to put more enjoyment into my Holiday time, I called my sister and suggested we put up Mom’s Christmas tree. Ideas swirled about and gelled into the ornaments shown above.  We made a pretty good start of many of the decorations that will adorn her tree.
Using family photos,  I drew different kinds of bodies to go with the faces based upon the holidays and different family member’s likes or abilities. As you can see some are just plain fun!
A ribbon hanger will be added to these before they are sent off for my nephew to hang them on her tree!  My sister will then add little embellishments to complete!  I hope my family enjoys the love put into each of these.
May each of you enjoy your creative time, and remember to sit still and have a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to take a little break!

Still Playing with the Cat!

I grew up on a farm and we had lots of cats all around us!  Those images from younger days still permeate my brain.

While reorganizing my art studio, I came across a box of brass plated fasteners and thought back to elementary school with all the wonderful projects we made!  The thought occurred to me, “Why not combine the machine stitching of collage items with moving parts!?”  And so the gold cat began to form.

I like to think of this project as a result of spring boarding from the stitched bookmark;  I use similar technique, but add moving parts.

I began with a pattern I designed using a manila folder for the base.  Next, I cut out pages from old paperback novels and sewed those to the pieces but first inserting the brass fasteners into three places on the main body: 1 in the belly button area to hold upside-down u-shaped legs and two in the upper bust area to hold each arm.  After sewing the pages on, I applied a diluted mix of white acrylic paint and mat medium, with touches of metallic gold in furry areas.  Pulling out gold ribbon with wire, I fashioned a skirt and top which I sewed onto the main body.  Using a black art marker, I drew in other furry details, face and paws.  Finally, I attached the arms, legs and tail to come up with this result!

From Hand to Machine

Today called for a change of pace!  After doing some intensive bead work, I pulled out my very old heavy duty Singer sewing machine, my box of paper collage and various materials, and got to quick work!

The Heaven Scent bookmark brought a needed focus to the day.  Sometimes it’s just good to work on something that’s simple in a “plan-as-you-go” kind of way.  I started with my first rectangle cut from a heavy page from a magazine and chose several other colors of paper to go with it.  Sewing in a free form kind of fashion with the sewing machine can be great fun!  You can create your own design or let the printed material help to guide your way.  At times I may sew two separate sides and then stitch them together.  Other times it may begin as a larger sheet that is folded in half and then stitched.  Use the discarded thread ends, bits of ribbon and a loose approach, and it is a delight to see the result!

I find it is very helpful to pull myself away from a large project to just get the creativity flowing in a new way, making those new brain connections.  It’s like being on an island and finding your way around;  an island is only so big, you can’t get too lost!

Fresh Energy and Green Theme

The Fairy House is coming along!  After setting it aside for several months, it was great to pull it out and look at it with fresh energy.  Today I applied polyurethane  and adding oak leaves to the floor and some feathery seed pods to one wall.  I’ve decided the house will include a small loft for the bed, as well as a small “ladder”.

Fairies can be attracted to shimmery, shiny objects so I do have my sites out for a small mirror or reflective material!  Acorns suspended from the ceiling will be the lights and a small Capiz shell might hang from under the loft.  A small picture of an angel will go on the wall with a bit of a map and a small feather in my collections which will be placed by the angel picture..  This afternoon I tea dyed a map of our area which I tore for select areas throughout the house.

In addition to many natural materials, I will be using green tones of ribbon, bottle caps and whatever else I can find to add a bit of color!

Enjoy your evening and if you’re up North like me, stay warm!