It’s Beginning to Look …

Family Fun Ornaments

Many times we can feel bombarded by all the “stuff” that comes about during the holidays. Listen to Christmas music! Create a holiday feast! Buy this! No… buy that! Buy everything!! Make this! Make that! Bake cookies!! Make the perfect Christmas!
Then the crash/breakdown can occur when reality hits, and we find we have 24 hours in a day, a certain amount of time, a certain amount of energy, and a certain amount of anything.

As a way to put more enjoyment into my Holiday time, I called my sister and suggested we put up Mom’s Christmas tree. Ideas swirled about and gelled into the ornaments shown above.  We made a pretty good start of many of the decorations that will adorn her tree.
Using family photos,  I drew different kinds of bodies to go with the faces based upon the holidays and different family member’s likes or abilities. As you can see some are just plain fun!
A ribbon hanger will be added to these before they are sent off for my nephew to hang them on her tree!  My sister will then add little embellishments to complete!  I hope my family enjoys the love put into each of these.
May each of you enjoy your creative time, and remember to sit still and have a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to take a little break!

Tea for Two or More? Apparently, so!

Florence's Prayer Flags

I love drinking tea!  I enjoy seeing the variety of designs of the tea bags, how they’re packaged, and the little tags on the end of the string!  It came to me the other night while having tea, how the little tags looked just like the perfect size for Prayer Flags for the Fairy House.  The tea drinking began as did the collecting!

No!  I didn’t drink all the tea in one night, but I did have fun collecting the tags.  I colored each tag with my colored pencils and then glued each one onto a cord.  One brand even has mini sayings on the backside, which makes them even more delightful to look at!  They definitely give the effect I want.  After all, being a spiritual fairy in her own right, it is fitting for Miss Florence to have the Tea Tag Prayer Flags!

Cold Weather and Colorful Tea!

This will be an extremely short entry.

To best sum it up, sometimes there is nothing like spending some very good quality time-sharing and sipping tea while visiting with friends!  Russ discovered a wonderful blend of 1 Tblspn. turmeric, 1/8 tspn. cayenne pepper, 1/4 tspn. cinnamon and 1/4 tspn. ginger with plain hot water, hot tea or coffee makes a delicious and very soothing mix!  I added honey, too!

So as not to disappoint, I did a bit more to the Fairy House this morning, touches of gold and green glitter!  The polyurethane turned out beautiful!